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Seasonal Recipes

Garlic scapes, the lime-colored stems and unopened flower buds of hard-neck garlic varieties, are abundant at farmers markets in early summer and makes an easy, fragrant pesto. If you grow your own garlic, trim the scapes off before they flower, this forces the plant to put its energy in bulb production and increases the size of the garlic cloves.   See Recipe

Great for those warm late spring and summer days, this salad is as easy as it is refreshing and delicious.   See Recipe

summer recipes

To make this fresh and simple salad, you only need five ingredients and five minutes, perfect for summertime!   See Recipe

The quick cooking over live flames brings out the natural juiciness and intensifies peaches deep summer sweetness. Paired with mozzarella and arugula makes this salad a summer favorite.  See Recipe

Spicy meets sweet in this quick cold soup that provides a refreshing way to cool down on a hot balmy day!  See Recipe

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