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About the Club

From Garden Walks to plant sales, decorating the village with beautiful holiday evergreens to creating a butterfly garden for the town's elementary school, the Wayne Countryside Garden Club has been an active member of the Wayne and nearby gardening communities for more than sixty years.


Each year we plan a wide variety of Club and civic activities, including guest speakers, Village projects, fundraising, plant exchanges, and much more!  As a group, we are dedicated to the following goals:


  • Enhancement of our knowledge of gardening through education

  • Beautification of our community through planning and planting

  • Preservation of history and tradition

  • Commitment, planning, and conservation for future generations

  • Maintaining an active role in the community.


Of the group's nearly forty members, some are experienced and avid gardeners and some are beginners, but we all share an appreciation for how much our lives can be enriched by tending to our natural surroundings. There is something for everyone in this diverse and friendly group! 



We are located in the Village of Wayne, Illinois, approximately 40 miles west of Chicago. Fortunate to be surrounded by a great deal open space and wildlife,  our club shares the commitment of our Village toward promoting preservation and protection of the natural environment. 


For more information about our club, program, or membership, please feel free to contact us below.

Thank you! You will hear back from a club member shortly.

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