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Grilled Peach Salad with Mozzarella & Arugula

6 Peaches, cut in half and pitted
3-4 large handfuls Arugula, washed and dried
1 small Red Onion, slivered
5 oz Buffalo Mozarella or other Fresh Mozzarella, torn into bite-size pieces
4 tablespoons White Balsamic Vinegar
2 teaspoons honey
2 teaspoons Dijon or Whole Grain Mustard
2 tablespoons minced Chives
1/3 cup Olive Oil
2 tablespoons Creme Fraiche or 1 tablespoon Heavy Cream

Light a fire in grill  to med-hot. Lightly salt the cut sides of the peaches, drizzle very lightly with olive oil and place cut side down on the grill. When the peaches are charred and just beginning to soften, remove them to a platter and set aside.


Make the dressing: place vinegar, honey, mustard and chives in a small bowl. While whisking constantly, slowly drizzle in olive oil until emulsified. Whisk in the creme fraiche or cream.


Toss arugula and onion with vinaigrette and place on serving platter or dish. Nestle peaches and mozzarella amongst greens and drizzle with a little more dressing. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt and serve.

Recipe from Farmhouse Delivery

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