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(Test Page: More info to come soon)

Join your wonderful garden club friends and invite guests for a wonderful lunch, fantastic raffle prizes and a few other surprises.  Featuring floral designer Kiko Zimmerman who is trained in the art of ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.

Guests are always welcome!  

Tickets to the luncheon are available for $55.00, and this year you can pre-purchase raffle tickets as well.  You get 10 tickets and a good chance of winning one of many creative baskets or flower arrangements for $20.00.

 You can RSVP* with Laura Long at and mail a check for $55 per person to:

Wayne Countryside Garden Club, P.O. Box 822, Wayne, IL 60184

*With your RSVP, please indicate an entree choice for each person from the following: Oyakodon Chicken, Teriyaki Salmon, Miso Mushroom or GF

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