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In the Garden

Even the most seasoned gardeners can benefit from the experience of others, and one of the most satisfying aspects of being part of a community of gardeners comes from learning new things. Following is a growing collection of tips and solutions that can help any garden to flourish.

It seems that there is always something to be tended to in a garden! Adapted from the Chicago Botanic Garden, following are helpful month-by-month suggestions for what tasks to do in your garden and when.

Locally grown produce straight from the farmers fields, artisanal cheeses, fresh flowers, farm-fresh eggs, and handbaked or crafted goods and more. We've gathered a bushel full of information on area Farmers' Markets and subscription CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture) for sharing.

Whether sourced from the garden or the local market, if we want to enjoy food at its best and full of flavor, there's no doubt eating seasonally is the way to go. We hope this growing collection of recipes will inspire us all to approach our cooking with fresh excitement. 

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